Episode 13: Is Anything Too Wonderful for the Lord?

Episode 13: Is Anything Too Wonderful for the Lord?

Order of the Service
– Welcome
– Scripture Readings: Psalm 116:1-2, 12-19. Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7.
– Sermon
– Prayer
– Communion
– Thought for the Week
– Blessing
– Hymn
– Closing

Renew thy church, her ministries restore
Author: Kenneth Lorne Cober
(Hymn will play in full at the end of the podcast.)

Renew Thy church, Her ministries restore;
Both to serve and adore.
Make Her again as salt throughout the land,
And as light from a stand.
‘Mid sober shadows of the night
Where greed and hatred spread their blight,
O send us forth with pow’r endued:
Help us Lord, be renewed!

Teach us Thy Word, reveal its truth divine;
On our path, let it shine.
Tell of Thy works, Thy mighty acts of grace;
From each page show Thy face.
As Thou hast loved us, sent Thy Son,
And our salvation now is won,
O let our hearts with love be stirred:
Help us Lord, know Thy Word!

Teach us to pray, for Thou art ever near;
Thy still voice let us hear.
Our souls are restless till they rest in Thee;
This our glad destiny.
Before Thy presence keep us still,
That we may find for us Thy will
And seek Thy guidance every day:
Teach us Lord, how to pray.

Teach us to love with strength of heart and mind,
Everyone, all mankind.
Break down the walls of prejudice and hate;
Leave us not to our fate.
As Thou hast loved and giv’n Thy life
To end hostility and strife,
O share Thy grace from heav’n above:
Teach us Lord, how to love.